We’re back at it!  Recently Jarian and our special guest co-host Rory Monaghan caught up with Chris Mattieu, CEO cmof Computes.

Chris is known for development and working with/building emerging technologies.  His most recent ventures were co-founding Octoblu and founder of Nodester.  When Chris is not computing, he can be found restoring and riding old Indian motorcycles.

On this podcast, we had the pleasure to speak with Chris about his new adventure with Computes:

  • How and why did he start Computes?
  • How Computes is being used for medical research.
  • What vendors and organizations Computes is getting interests from?
  • How Computes can use idle datacenter resources from enterprise IT and cloud vendors?
  • How Computes can add value in IoT, AI, VR, and Machine Learning when copious amounts of GPU and CPU are required?
  • Chris’s decentralized notepad.
  • Does Computes overlap with Edge Computing?
  • Does Computes focus on a primary/one vertical?
  • Computes in the enterprise to be harnessed in a private manner.
  • What Chris sees as Computes short term and long term goals.
  • Chris’s love for Indian motorcycles.

Thanks to Rory for being our special guest co-host. Please check out Rory’s 5 Bytes Podcast!