Jarian and our special guest co-host Rory Monaghan had the pleasure of chatting with Patrick CoblepcPatrick is known for his security background.  He has done many presentations on security, especially around the End-User Computing (EUC) space.  He is a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and co-leader of the Nashville CUGC group.  Patrick is currently working on his first book, The VDI Lockdown Guide.

On this podcast we had the pleasure of talking with Patrick about:

  • Patrick’s background
  • Why did he choose the EUC space?
  • Does he see risk in larger orgs with dedicated InfoSec teams that don’t have deep EUC knowledge?
  • What challenges does he see in VDI security?
  • What’s his advice on balancing security versus good end user experience?
  • In his experience what industry does enterprise security the best, if any?
  • When doing data center pen testing, what was the most jaw dropping security hole/lapse he encountered?
  • What are the most common security mistakes he sees for EUC management?
  • Does he have any examples of a company handling a breach properly?
  • How does he handle situations where there may be some apprehension about the outcome of his audits/pen tests?
  • What are his tips for IT workers that may not be in typical compliance training?
  • His upcoming book, The VDI Lockdown Guide
  • Outside of anything tech, what excites and what is he passionate about?

Thanks as always to Rory for being our special guest co-host.  Please check out Rory’s 5 Bytes Podcast!