sambenihyaautomaiJarian is back again with special guest co-host Shane Kleinert. We had the pleasure of chatting with Sam Benihya, Chief Technology Officer at Automai. We discussed all things Automai with Sam.

On this podcast we had the pleasure of talking with Sam about:

  • Automai overview and company history
  • What is robotic process automation (RPA)?
  • What use cases does RPA solve?
  • How Automai expanded to additional use cases and offerings
  • Thoughts on the branding change and how it better positions Automai
  • Automai architecture of solutions offerings
  • Automai learning curve
  • Difference between load testing, availability testing, and RPA
  • Automai licensing
  • Proactive availability testing versus probing
  • Automai difference from other load testing products
  • Where does Sam see Automai in the next 2-3 years?
  • Automai community license and community programs

Thanks to Shane for being our special guest co-host!

Automai Demo – How to run Affordable Performance Tests for Any Business Process

Since the recording of the Automai / FrontLine Chatter podcast, Automai has developed and will be soon releasing the new and exciting Nanobot series. These Nanobots are lightweight single-purpose Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots to solve complex problems with great simplicity. The first Nanobot in the lineup is the Automai Intelligent Session Recording (ISR) Nanobot, enabling both intelligent and programmatic pause and resume session recording for Citrix and Calabrio 

See Intelligent Session Recording (ISR) Nanobot for regulatory compliance. ( for further details!