Happy New Year! Jarian is back again with co-host Kees Baggerman and special Sridhar Mullapudi guest co-host Shane Kleinert. We had the pleasure of chatting with Sridhar Mullapudi, General Manager of Citrix at Cloud Software Group. We discussed all things Citrix with Sridhar.

On this podcast we had the pleasure of talking with Sridhar about:

  • Sridhar’s background and journey with Citrix.
  • The new hybrid vision with Cloud Software Group.
  • Licensing changes with new Universal license and minimums of 100 CCU and 250 U/D.
  • Change from perpetual license to term licensing for Virtual Apps and Desktops.
  • The Citrix Community.
  • Citrix integration stories for customers, prospects and third-party ecosystem partners.
  • How Citrix is positioned to continue to be market leader and navigate in this new world.
  • What customer and prospects can be excited about and expect from Citrix over the next few years.
  • Citrix and Microsoft in the world of Windows 365, HDX+, and AVD being good enough.
  • Citrix and Nutanix partnership.
  • What Sridhar likes to do outside of technology in his free time.

Thanks to Shane for being our special guest co-host!

To learn more about Citrix licensing changes: