Happy Holidays! Jarian and our special guest co-host Rory Monaghan had the pleasure of chatting withTobias Tobias Kreidl. Tobias is known for his work in the End-User Computing (EUC) and graphics space. Tobias is a former Citrix Technology Professional (CTP) and former member of the NVIDIA GPU Community Advisor Program along with formerly being the Citrix User Group Community steering committee president. Tobias has a very interesting background we discussed during the chat!

On this podcast we had the pleasure of talking with Tobias about:

  • Tobias’s background
  • What did he do before he got into IT?
  • How did he get started in his IT career?
  • What technology did he work with at the beginning of his career?
  • The difference in hardware when started his career versus when he retired
  • What operating systems did he work with and supported during his career?
  • Since his career predates Microsoft, at what point did it get on his radar and how was the transition?
  • Since his career predates virtualization, how did he deploy, manage, and support machines early in his career?
  • How did virtualization change the game for him?
  • What surprisingly hasn’t changed or maybe hasn’t changed much?
  • What in tech excites him outside of his day job?
  • What is he passionate about outside of work?
  • What does he plan to do in retirement?
  • What advice does he have for enjoying a long and successful career in our industry?

Congrats to Tobias on a successful career and enjoy retirement!

Thanks as always to Rory for being our special guest co-host.  Please check out Rory’s 5 Bytes Podcast!