kevinWelcome back to Frontline Chatter!  After a busy few weeks attending conferences, Andrew and Jarian are happy to chat with Kevin Goodman, Founder and CEO of FSLogix.  Kevin has been a big fan and supporter of Frontline Chatter so it was great to catch up and talk about FSLogix.

We really enjoyed this podcast with Kevin.  Layering/Containers are a hot topic these days so good to have another player in the industry come and discuss with us.

In this episode we were happy to discuss with Kevin the following:

  • Kevin’s career path from RTO Software to VMware to FSLogix.
  • Best of Citrix Synergy Award for Application and Desktop Virtualization.
  • Recent round of funding.
  • Isolation, Containers, and Layering.
  • Storage Impact and Considerations for containers/layering/redirection.
  • How FSLogix came to be.
  • Overview of FSLogix:
    • FSLogix Apps
      • Rule Editor/Rulesets
      • Apps Containers
        • In guest vs hypervisor
      • Java Redirection
      • Profile Containers
        • Benefits over traditional
        • Comparison to RDS User Profile Disks
        • Folder Redirection/File Server issues
  • FSLogix upcoming features.
  • Bitcoin transactions/underlying technology.


Link to FSLogix Downloadable Rulesets Kevin refers to in this episode.

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