unnamedOn this episode we’re joined by Kevin Goodman (CEO and Founder) for a catch-up on all things with FSLogix.

The market has been changing with acquisitions and announcements along with the buzz around cloud.  Kevin gives us his thoughts on both of these and how FSLogix is tackling these changes.

On this episode, we had the pleasure to speak about the following topics:

  • FSLogix at VMworld
  • The new Flux release
  • New team expansion at FSLogix
  • What has been the biggest barrier/misnomer for FSLogix and customers
  • Thoughts on partnering/integration with other products
  • Kevin’s thoughts on the market, consolidation, and changes
  • Thoughts on Citrix/Microsoft and VMware/Frame Workspace One announcements/partnerships
  • FSLogix being cloud ready and using cloud native services