Today Liquidware kicked off the “Pre Citrix Synergy” announcements in style with their latest release of ProfileUnity v6.7.6 including an industry first, Cloud User Profile technology.

With their latest release, their profile solution now has the ability to store user profile settings and details directly to Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure platforms. This will allow organisations to  store and retrieve users data from local or cloud based user workspaces directly from their cloud profile of choice, without relying on SMB / CIFS syncronisation between local and remote.

With this feature, they’re making DaaS / hosted applications a first class citizen for user profiles, rather than an afterthought by many vendors in the DaaS space today.

Further, Liquidware have also added the ability to sync data out to the cloud storage platform of choice of users, too. Allowing specific folders to be automagically be sync’d to a number of providers such as Dropbox, Amazon WorkDocs and Google drive to name a few.

A big release from Liquidware, and we’re looking forward to seeing 6.7.6 in action soon!

you can read more here and here.