A catch-up with Andrew Morgan – that guy that disappeared about a year ago.

0After a lengthy social media outage, we’ve turned the microphone on our very own co-host Andrew Morgan for an interview!

Alike the episode’s before, today we’re doing a history on all Things Andrew, from Dell tech support, to Enterprise consultant and now staff Engineer @ VMware’s EUC CTO office. On this episode we get into how Andrew got started in IT, started writing software and how he ultimately ended up working for VMware EUC.

On this podcast, Andrew rambled and wandered between these topics, once again proving that he speaks too fast and that he makes a terrible guest rather than a mediocre host :)

  • How Andrew got started in EUC.
  • Chief Coding Monkey – How Andrew started writing software.
  • The gap between Automation and Development.
  • The joy and Woes of finding a new job and never burning bridges.
  • The beginnings of ThinKiosk and ThinScale.
  • Andrew’s favorite applications he ever wrote.
  • The back story of Caffeine of Receiver.
  • The best idea’s come from a need or, in Andrew’s case laziness.
  • Working with ControlUp.
  • Why Andrew joined VMware, Workspace One and VMware’s EUC potential.
  • The refreshing honesty of being the stupidest person in the room and forcing yourself to be better.
  • Andrew’s thoughts on VMware’s EUC vision and roadmap.
  • Integration of Everything.
  • New tools and fun stuff.
  • On failure and how to deal with it.
  • On Frontline Chatter and it’s future.
  • On Nutanix’s presence in the Hyper-converged magic quadrant.
  • Elon Musk and genius.
  • On the rabbits hole that is Home Automation and “death by one thousand paper-cuts”.

That’s it for now! catch you next time when we speak with our next guest.

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A catch-up with Liquidware on new features of FlexApp and ProfileUnity

On this episode we’re joined by  Jason E. Smith (VP Product Marketing) and Jason Mattox (CTO) for a catchup on all things we with Liquidware.

The market has morphed and changed a lot this year, with vendors snapping up vendors alike, Liquidware are keeping their heads down and doing what they do best, innovating.

On this episode, we had the pleasure to speak about the following topics:

  • How is Liquidware getting on these days.
  • Going strong with three core products.
  • The importance of remaining independent.
  • Thoughts on the Ivanti – RES acquisition.
  • New name, same company.
  • Whats new with ProfileUnity:
    • Role based Access Control
    • Auditing
    • Profile disk support for RDSH.
  • Whats new with FlexApp.
    • On Demand layering
    • Session Isolation.
  • The differences and benefits between operating system layering and Application layering.
  • What is the “Inside Track” LinkedIn group.
  • What’s next for Liquidware.

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A chat with Ingmar Verheij, Citrix Senior Sales Engineer and IoT rock star.

ingmarWe’re back! On this episode, we were very happy to invite Ingmar Verheij along to chat to us. Ingmar has been a community rockstar since forever. With a long history in application development, consulting, EUC and now working in Citrix, Ingmar has had a fascinating journey through our industry.

On this episode, Ingmar takes us down memory lane, shares his story and we chat about all things Citrix, Consulting, IoT and everything along the way. Ingmar is a true gentleman, this episode was a real pleasure to record.

On this episode, we covered the following topics and so much more:

  • Ingmar’s start in IT.
  • Ingmar’s journey from kick ass community advocate and consultant to vendor land.
  • How his move affected his outlook and how it went.
  • Independent consultant to Vendor enthusiast, how did you negotiate the blinker effect.
  • All things XenApp and XenDesktop Express.
  • Samsung Dex and nirvana phone.
  • Ingmar’s favorite Citrix product.
  • Virtues of ShareFile.
  • IoT
  • Why is IoT such a passion to Ingmar?
  • How do you see IoT invading enterprise.
  • Presenting like a Pro, Ingmar shares his epic tips.
  • And so much more!

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A chat with Guru Chahal all about Avi Networks.


Back again for a great chat with Guru Chahal,  Vice President Products at Avi Networks.

Application Delivery Controllers are all the rage these days. Avi Networks goes BADaaS with their Elastic Application Services Fabric.  Guru joined us for a chat on Avi Networks.

Before I get way too ahead of myself, here are a few of the items we had the pleasure of talking with Guru about on this podcast:

  • Who is Avi Networks
  • What did Avi Networks set to fix in the market
  • Avi Networks architecture and benefits
  • How Avi Networks is different from other products on the market
  • Thoughts on what “software”, “software-defined”, and “software load balancers”
  • Avi Networks analytics engine
  • How Avi Networks is licensed/packaged
  • How Avi Networks fits in multi-cloud and microservices
  • How Avi Networks handles elasticity and scaling for “predictive autoscaling”
  • Avi Networks ecosystem
  • How Avi Networks fits in the EUC space

We really enjoyed talking with Guru about Avi Networks on this podcast.  Be sure to check out Avi Networks when you get a chance.  Avi Networks Download.

To get an Avi Networks BADaaS shirt and more info go here.

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A chat with Dave Brett, CTA, CTP and all that was before.


Back again… told you it would be quick! On this weeks episode, we had the utter pleasure to speak with Dave Brett, Citrix EUC evangelist, blogger and newly crowned Citrix CTP. Dave has been a friend of the podcast for a long time now, having not had a community podcast in a while, i was really keen to get Dave on to talk all about his history and work.

On this podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dave on the following topics.

  • From programming to Softricity.
  • The brutal requirements of consulting.
  • What brought Dave to Citrix technologies.
  • Building a blog and idea’s behind it.
  • Cloud MFA and the enterprise.
  • Dave’s favorite Citrix technology.
  • Always snapshot your netscaler before running a wizard!
  • Octoblu and possibilities.
  • Thoughts on Unidesk?
  • will app layering replace app virtualisation?
  • XenServer 7.1 updates.
  • CTA and us not knowing what the hell it stood for!
  • Becoming a CTP.
  • As we look down the track 3-5 years, where do you see your next focus being?
  • Will Cloud become a reality in your opinion for VDI?
  • is IoT going to pay off for Citrix in a big way?
  • Fitness tracking and data nerds.

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A chat with Pat Lee, Vice President – Cloud Apps and Desktops at VMware

11003dbAnd we’re back! On this podcast we were joined by none other than Pat Lee, Vice President, Product Management – Cloud Apps and Desktops at VMware. Pat has had a fascinating past along with working in a very busy department at the moment that is VMware EUC.

As VMware are driving forward so aggressively, we took great pleasure in speaking with Pat in this episode about the following topics:

  • Pat’s start in IT and his career path from Mac hardware to VMware EUC.
  • Development of VMware fusion.
  • Transition from product management to VP, how has that gone for you?
  • The evolution of VMware’s EUC side, particularly in the last 36 months.
  • Developing a great VDI client for smart phones, how VMware nailed the use case.
  • Blast extreme, congrats on the new protocol, whats the use case and where does it fit?
  • Lets talk PCOIP vs Blast, where is the future of VMware’s EUC story?
  • Of all the VMware projects Pat has been evolved it, we talk about his favourite projects.
  • GPU and horizon has been a big push, why, where and how?
  • Is EUC getting enough focus at VMworld?
  • Citrix’s marketing has been attacking hard at Synergy and Summit, what does that tell you?
  • Crystal ball time, whats next and where is the market going?
  • IoT, the good, bad and downright crazy.

As promised a worthwhile attendance would be the VMware EUC Insights session in February:


That’s it for now! New podcast coming next week!

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Goliath Technologies, a run down on new releases and features.

Back again! Today we’re joined by Lee Gitzes Senior Director of Technical Operations at Goliath Technologies to talk all about their latest release in Netscaler and Logon simulator technologies. In the coming days Goliath are doing a number of webinars, so if you want to learn more, please find oodles of information below!

On this podcast, we had the pleasure of talking to Lee about the following:

  • All about Goliath Technologies.
  • Goliath for Netscaler version 4 release.
  • Integration with Appflow and Nitro.
  • How does Goliath for netscaler compare with Insights and Netscaler MAS?
  • Does Goliath for Netscaler stand on its own as a point solution without the rest of the product line?
  • Licensing requirements.
  • All about the Goliath for Citrix Monitoring offering.
  • Monitoring vGPU statistics.
  • How to Learn more about Goliath for Netscaler.
  • About the Goliath logon simulator.
  • About the new Application Availability cloud service.
  • How focusing on healthcare is great for everyone.
  • Whats next for Goliath?

Technology in action:

Goliath Application Availability Testing Service for Citrix:


Goliath for NetScaler 4.0 Pre-Recorded Webinar


Upcoming Webinars:

XenAppBlog.com Technical Workshop 11/03/2016


Citrix Ready Webinar 11/15/2016


CUGC Webinar 11/16/2016


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This Month in EUC – Episode 6.

newLogo800Back once again after a summer holiday to catch up on the latest movements in the EUC and Virtualisation space. Today again we’re joined by our esteemed panel of Kees Baggerman and Thomas Brown.

On this episode, we discussed the following topics:

  • Horizon 7.0.2 and Vmworld Update
  • Citrix Synergy updates
  • Microsoft & Citrix
  • Nutanix & citrix
  • Citrix Acquire Norskale
  • Fslogix Project flux
  • Windows server 2016 release
  • Blackberry dead
  • RES Software freemium edition
  • RES Nutanix and AppVolumes connectors?
  • Nutanix successful IPO

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Cloudhouse looks awesome, we had a chat with CTO Mat Clothier all about it.

MatClothier2Back again and a great little podcast with Mat Clothier, a veteran of Briforum, founder and CTO of Cloudhouse.

Application containers are the new black, but Cloudhouses approach is truly unique and Jarian and I were blown away with their demo recently at Briforum London.

But i’m getting way ahead of myself, in the mean time, here are a few of the items we had the pleasure of talking with Mat about on this podcast:

  • Who is Cloudhouse.
  • What did Cloudhouse set out to fix.
  • How does Cloudhouse “Applications anywhere” work?
  • What is Cloudhouse “Data anywhere”.
  • How does Cloudhouse add value?
  • What are the nuance differences between application packaging and Cloudhouse’s approach.
  • App-V integration with Cloudhouse, awesome value feature, how does it work?
  • How has the reception with Microsoft been with the App-V integration piece?
  • Autonomy and Self driving cars.

I really enjoyed this podcast, you should definitely check out Cloudhouse when you get a chance.

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A chat with Cláudio Rodrigues, End User Computing Expert.


And we’re back! here for a great podcast was a man who needs no introduction, Claudio Rodrigues!

Claudio is an entrepreneur, MVP, CTP, vExpert and has been in the EUC and desktop virtualisation market since it’s inception.

Claudio is a great guy, with an “always honest” opinion on all matters and he was a great guest we’d be attempting to get on for some time!

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