Andrew and Jarian are back at it for a chat with Sascha Goeckel about deviceTRUSTdevicetrust-logo

deviceTRUST is known for Contextualizing IT.  deviceTRUST allows users freedom to access their corporate workspace from any location, on any device, and over any network while giving IT departments the information and control they need to meet governance requirements.

On this podcast we had the pleasure to speak with Sascha about deviceTRUST:

  • How/why did deviceTRUST get started?
  • deviceTRUST contextual security and user experience.
  • What are the deviceTRUST context, actions, and triggers?
  • deviceTRUST remoting protocols support and integration.
  • A deviceTRUST deployment overview.
  • What client endpoints deviceTRUST supports.
  • deviceTRUST verification and troubleshooting.
  • What is deviceTRUST doing in/with cloud?
  • deviceTRUST technology alliances and integrations.
  • What’s next for deviceTRUST?