A chat with Jim Moyle, Lead Solutions Consultant at Atlantis Computing

jimWelcome back to FrontLine Chatter, we’re coming to you from Citrix Synergy in Orlando and we had the rare luxury of recording an in person podcast with the one and only Jim Moyle.

Jarian and Andrew are great friends with Jim, having the ability to sit down with Jim was too good to pass up. In this episode Jim, Jarian and Andrew have a beer together and talk all about Jim, Atlantis and the conference so far.

Specifically, on this episode we discuss:

  • Who Jim is and where he came from.
  • What Jim does day to day in Atlantis.
  • As employee #32 in Atlantis, how have you seen the company grow.
  • Atlantis’s First hardware appliance for the hyper converged market.
  • Why Hardware vendor choice gives customers options.
  • Is the new Atlantis appliance a “desktop workload first” appliance
  • So the Atlantis appliance is all flash, why no higher capacity spinning disk?
  • How prevalent do you see Hyper Converged in the future?
  • Has hardware added logistical concerns?
  • How are Atlantis, from a strategic point of view going to claim their stake and push their elbows out?
  • Datacenter Lifecycle management.
  • Application layering and containerisation.
  • How to get rid of people in the bar the “Jim Moyle” way ;)


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CTP panel review of Day 1 Keynote at Citrix Synergy


Welcome back to the Frontline Chatter podcast. Today we’re coming to your from Orlando, Florida the location of Citrix Synergy this year. Today on the show, Jarian and Andrew are joined by an illustrious panel of Citrix CTP’s:

  • Andrew Wood
  • Cláudio Rodrigues
  • Kees Baggerman
  • Mike Nelson
  • Sam Jacobs

On this podcast, we review the hype, buzz and content in the first keynote of Citrix Synergy 2015.

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A chat with Jason Mattox, CTO of Liquidware Labs.

IMG_6389welcome back to Frontline Chatter

Today on Episode 7 we had the real pleasure of speaking with Jason Mattox, CTO of Liquidware. Liquidware were a relatively unknown for Jarian and I up until recently. We requested a demo of their solution stack recently, we were blown away.

On this blog post, we had the pleasure to talk to Jason about:

  • Who is Jason and where did he come from.
  • The founding and direction of Liquidware Labs.
  • What has Liquidware Labs up their sleeves for 2015.
  • Why is application layering such an important factor of a desktop virtualisation product.
  • How Liquidware’s cross platform app layering really beats the pack.
  • How application layering can help with security.
  • And how do you manage those billions of pictures scattered across your families iPhones!

Throughout the blog post, you’ll hear Jarian and Andrew really excited about their product offering, attached below of a grid to see just how far across the Desktop experience Liquidware’s products stretch, from requirements gathering, to monitoring, to user profile management, IO acceleration and even Application layering and virtualisation.


lwloverview copy


With Citrix Synergy just around the corner, Liquidware Labs will be there in Booth number 434, drop by and check them out.

PS: Sorry in advance for Jarian’s audio at times, Jarian has been suitably scolded and has agreed that there will be no changing mic’s before podcasts!

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Gunnar Berger, From Consultant to Gartner Analyst to CTO of Desktops and Applications at Citrix.

gunnarWelcome back to FrontLine Chatter Episode 6, returning is our good friend and all round nice guy Gunnar Berger talking about this move to CTO in Citrix. Where Gunnar came from and what excites him about the product roadmap for Citrix Apps and Desktops division in the immediate future and further.

This podcast is extremely timely with Citrix Synergy just around the corner, Gunnar drops tons of hints and tips towards the future and it’s a fascinating listen.

In this podcast, Jarian, Andrew and Gunnar discuss:

  • Who is Gunnar and where he came from.
  • What has his first few months with Citrix been like.
  • What Excites Gunnar the most about the roadmap.
  • Shadow IT.
  • Citrix Workspace Cloud as the Pivot Citrix needs.
  • Sharefile and the strong business model of Cloud only control planes.
  • Sanbolic acquisition and plans.
  • Linux Desktops and demands.
  • FrameHawk Integration – layers, watermarks and advertisements, oh my!
  • FrameHawk is a framework, not a silver bullet.
  • Gunnars love for all things OpenStack, Datacenter, big data and big data for Citrix technologies.

And the two images Gunnar refers to:





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Guest Podcast: Gunnar Berger Talks Wyse, Dell, Citrix, the past and the future of thin client computing with Jeff McNaught

jeffgunnarIn the first of our guest podcast series, CTO of Apps and Desktops, Gunnar Berger shot a fascinating interview and history lesson with the Executive Director, Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer, Cloud Client-computing at Dell, Jeff McNaught on the History of Wyse, the rise  of Xenith and the future of thin client devices.

Although this was originally recorded as a video, it’s a great session for a podcast and we were only too happy to host it for Gunnar.  We found this interview to be a fascinating listen and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Enjoy and catch us next week for a fascinating session with Gunnar on his journey and the upcoming synergy.


A chat with Shawn Bass, EUC Industry Expert / Sr. Director of Strategy and Planning at VMware

And we’re back with the famous (and infamous) Shawn Bass!

A name who needs no introduction and a busy podcast to boot. Shawn took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about the following topics:

  • Who is Shawn and where did he come from.
  • Making the transition from indepedent consultant to vendor.
  • His first few months at VMware.
  • Linux VDI.
  • vGpu, Niche or must?
  • Infosec and security.
  • How did Shawn always stay ahead of the posse?
  • And lots of random banter.

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Harry Labana – CTO of Citrix to VMware EUC VP and all that was in between.

downloadIt is with great pleasure we’re releasing episode #4 of FrontLine Chatter and what an episode we have for you! Taking time out of his extremely busy schedule, the one and only Harry Labana met with us to record a podcast about all things Harry, VMware and EUC. Harry is an iconic figure in the EUC industry who needs no introduction, so without further ado!

in this episode we had the pleasure of talking about the following topics:

  • Where did Harry start and how has career path taken him to VP of VMware EUC.
  • How has his transition from App Volumes to VMware been.
  • The latest acquisition of Immidio, where does it fit.
  • Project Fargo and Project Meteor. The vision of “Live Forking” VM’s.
  • VMware’s EUC vision.
  • Other markets that excite Harry.


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Citrix CTP class of 2015 panel

Welcome back to FrontLine Chatter. In episode three we took a small selection of the Citrix CTP class of 2015 to discuss the CTP program, the industry and everything in between.

Joining us this week, in no particular order is Esther Barthel, Barry Schiffer and Shane Kleinert for a round table discussion on the following topics:

  • A little bit about the new awardee’s.
  • Some talk on Automation.
  • Shanes secret love for Lotus.
  • The value the new female members bring to the group.
  • Some information on the CTP program.
  • XenMobile and Sharefile.
  • Nutanix.
  • Immidio and VMware.
  • How Should Citrix respond.

Just a quick Reminder, the Citrix Administrators survey for XenApp and XenDesktop is still open, jump by and fill in the survey for the greater good!

Check back next week, where we have the great pleasure of talking to the one and only Harry Labana, VP of Products for VMware EUC.


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Kees Baggerman – EUC Consultant to Nutanix. The first 3 months.

In our second installment of the FrontLine Chatter podcast, Jarian and Andrew are joined by CTP, vExpert, RSVP and Desktop virtualisation aficianado Kees Baggerman.

Kees has been a key member in the twitter and blogosphere for Desktop Virtualisation for many years. We caught up with him to record this podcast on his move from “master of his own destiny” EUC consultant to Senior Solutions and Performance Engineer at Nutanix. How the transition went and how he’s getting on.

In this episode Jarian & Andrew had the pleasure of talking about the following with Kees:

  • RES Software.
  • Making the move to Nutanix.
  • What excited him about Nutanix.
  • XenServer support.
  • Kees likes AppVolumes.
  • UEV & Immidio acquisition for VMware.
  • What will / Should Citrix do?

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Check back next week where we’ll be speaking with a selection of the new class of 2015 Citrix CTP’s.

Rory Monaghan on Unidesk, App Volumes & EUC application compatibility

roryIn our first ever Podcast, Jarian and Andrew invited MVP, Application compatibility expert and all round “wise guy” Rory Monaghan to come on and talk to us about layers, isolation and compatibility!.

Rory is a very active member of the End User Computing community, via both Twitter and the Microsoft Application Virtualisation forum.

In this episode Jarian & Andrew had the pleasure of talking about the following with Rory:

  • Rory’s upbringing in IT.
  • how Rory got to where he is today.
  • The layout of the Application compatibility industry.
  • Unidesk simplifying application deployment
  • Unidesks Hyper-V tech preview.
  • VMwares new aquisition App Volumes.
  • Fslogix.
  • Cameyo.
  • Other random banter.
  • and of course, with two irish guys on the call, potato’s.


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Check back next week for our next episode where we talk to Kees Baggerman about his first 3 months in Nutanix, the user environment virtualisation space and VMware’s Immidio acquisition.