A ProfileUnity and FlexApp Deep dive with Jason E Smith, VP of Product Marketing at liquidware labs.

jasonIn todays podcast, we sat down and had a chat with Jason E. Smith from Liquidware labs on the topic of UEM and Application layering. Unless you’ve been under a rock, in a dark quiet cave, you’ll know how many vendors are pushing hard on their application layering technologies this year to simplify your application deployment in desktops.

With this podcast, we looked at how a UEM and Application Layering solution

  • Jason’s start with DCA in 1993 with Remote Lan Node.
  • Standing ovations for WinView
  • RES Softwares start in the US.
  • Entrigue, Script Start to ProfileUnity.
  • Writing for DABCC.
  • Why is UEM and Application Layering a good combination for a product?
  • UEM deployment in 60 minutes.
  • Application security and isolation use cases.
  • What exactly is “Micro Isolation” to Liquidware Labs?
  • How was FlexApp architected to be highly available?
  • Where is the value add now a days with VMware and their customers?
  • And the Citrix customers?
  • Coping with Office 365 and Lotus Notes.
  • Home automation and beyond the home.
  • Escaping from technology.

A deep dive on VMware’s new Access Point with Mark Benson

Mark Benson 1.jpgA great new product was released, relatively quietly into the VMware Horizon stack late last year and that was the VMware Horizon Access Point. If you’re not familiar with the Access point, this is a stateless appliance you can deploy in a Horizon environment replacing the VMware security server.

Jarian and I tested this appliance and we were very intrigued! So we reached out to Mark Benson, EUC CTO office in VMware and he thankfully agreed to record a podcast with us on the background to this Access Point technology and it’s roadmap.

On this podcast, we had the great pleasure to speak with Mark about the following topics:

  • Mark’s career path to date.
  • Mark’s transition to VMware.
  • Access Point’s strategy as a replacement for Horizon security server.
  • Lightweight deployment by design.
  • Scalability of Access Point.
  • Security Server’s future and Access Point’s place with other technologies.
  • The migration from security server to access point.
  • Planning for zero downtime.
  • Handling authentication models with Access Points.
  • Tips on automating deployment to allow Access Point to be production ready on first boot.

the podcast is a fascinating insight into how the production ready appliance was developed and why, a big thank you to Mark for taking the time to speak with us.

As promised, here you’ll find some good documentation and tools for the access point:


This Month in EUC – Episode 4.

newLogo800And the opinionated four are back! We missed January due to Andrew’s manflu.

In this podcast, we run down the news and moves in the last two months and discuss them with the usual cynicism and sarcasm you’ve come to expect!

The podcast covers off the following topics:

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A catchup with Christian Reilly, Citrix VP & CTO – Workspace Services Division

To start of with, an apology from Andrew, he had an epic dose of manflu and that’s why we’re so late with our latest podcast!

On the plus side, it was worth the wait. Straight out of Citrix Summit, we had the absolute pleasure of catching up with the ever charming, fascinating and all round nice guy that is Christian Reilly, CTO of the Workspace Services Division at Citrix.

With Christians first year in Citrix just around the corner, Christian Joined Jarian and Andrew to discuss a whole raft of topics such as:

  • Christians impressive career so far.
  • Christians first year at Citrix.
  • What does Citrix’s message of “Focus on Core” mean?
  • Citrix’s new CEO Krill Tatarinov.
  • Workspace Cloud launch, success and feedback.
  • Christians first Citrix summit, how did it go?
  • Partner Love.
  • Christians favourite announcements.
  • Security, Security, Security.
  • The future of networking and Netscaler CPX.
  • Consulting the EUC crystal ball for the next 18 months.
  • Windows 10 and UWP.
  • the good old MDM vs MAM debacle and information management.
  • IoT.
  • Gluing the pieces together to simplify the user experience.
  • Presence and context awareness.
  • Hints and Tips for Synergy.
  • Apprenticeships and Education in our sector.



Ron Oglesby on Unidesk, Application Layering and Adapting for cloud.

ronBack again, we are! Fresh out of Citrix Summit and into a fascinating podcast with none other than Ron Oglesby from Unidesk. Unidesk had some really interesting announcements in the last fortnight extending their layering technology in PVS, Azure and architecture changes to really simplify the product.

In this podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Ron about the following topics:

  • Ron’s start in IT
  • How Ron got involved with Unidesk.
  • What historically is Unidesk and what problem did they solve?
  • What makes Unidesk different from the competitors?
  • UniDesks new architecture.
  • Integration with Citrix PVS.
  • Elastic layering.
  • Image composing for Azure.
  • Whats next for Unidesk?
  • UniDesk and Microsofts partnership.
  • And much more!

It was a real pleasure to record with Ron, if you’ve not checked out Unidesk before, go check it out.

This Month in EUC – Episode 3:

newLogo800And we’re back again!

The “quartet of nonsense and cynicism” is back (in the shape of Kees Baggerman, Thomas Brown, Jarian Gibson and the always out spoken Andrew Morgan) to discuss “Last Year in EUC”.

“last year in EUC you say?”. So yeah, very little happened in EUC in December, sure Citrix did it’s best to post 7.7 to keep investors happy and VMware quietly ignored the fact that Enzo was supposed to be ready, damn it man, I want JIT! Anywho, with most people entering a booze fuelled fog from the second week in December and only coming up for air in the January, you’ll excuse us for instead focusing on 2015 rather than the silly season!

In this special episode of This Month in EUC, we focused on the core announcements of 2015 and what to look forward to next year. In this podcast we discussed:

  • Key Themes of 2015
    • HyperConverged & ancle biters.
    • UEM.
    • Mobility.
    • Application layering.
  • Key news and what happened from:
    • Citrix
    • VMware
    • Microsoft
  • What to watch out for next year.
    • VMware as a whole.
    • Citrix Workspace Cloud.
    • UniDesk.
    • Microsoft.
    • ControlUp Insights

And thats it, we’ll be back very soon with Citrix Summit just around the corner I’m sure we’ll have an announcement or two to dissect.

A chat with Jarian Gibson, his journey thus far to celebrate episode 20 of FrontLine Chatter.

jarianSeasons greetings good listeners! to celebrate our 20th episode this year, a great suggestion from the wise Iain Brighton we decided to turn the microphone on Jarian. In this episode, Andrew and our First guest and all round great guy, Rory Monaghan from interview Jarian Gibson on his career thus far.

Before we get started, two things!

Congratulations to Shawn Bass on his new Role as the over arching CTO of EUC at VMware, this will be a great fit for Shawn and we’re delighted for him!

Congratulations also to Rory Monaghan on his new Role as TAM with Turbo. Rory is a visionary in this space and we want to wish Rory all the best in his new role.

Anywho, back to it! In this Podcast we discussed:

  • Jarian’s journey from IT admin to Consultant
  • Making the move to independent.
  • Keeping it strict when working from home.
  • Overcoming shyness, gathering up the courage to present to audiences for the first time.
  • Nuances between Web and In person presenting.
  • What makes EUC such a fascinating topic?
  • Why go independent during the busiest period of your life?
  • How does Jarian make time for Forums, IRC, Podcasts, Blogs and Product Feedback?
  • Who would Jarian invite to a dinner party from our industry?
  • Whats in store for Jarian for 2016?
  • Whats in Jarian’s lab?
  • How important is a lab to our career in EUC?
  • What market and technology is Jarian keenly following.

This Month in EUC – Episode 2:

newLogo800And we’re back again, reviewing all the good and interesting news that has occurred in the market in the past month in bite sized hourly format!

This month, we’re again joined by our resident VMware EUC Expert Thomas Brown and our good Friend Kees Baggerman from Nutanix to discuss this months news and movements.


A chat with Helge Klein, his journey thus far and his future with Vast Limits

Welcome back! We’ve got a great podcast in store with a hero of mine for many years. On this episode we had the pleasure to speak with Helge Klein, on his background in IT, his products thus far and his latest venture with UberAgent and Vast Limits.

On this podcast we spoke about:

  • Helge’s background and his journey from Atari owner, to photography and finally to software company owner.
  • A little wonder about Novell.
  • The history of SetACL.
  • The history of Citrix Profile Manager.
  • Why Helge decided to go independent and his advice.
  • What did Helge learn from SetACL studio.
  • Why write a monitoring product.
  • Vast Limits, UberAgent and Splunk.
  • Brandon Shell joining the team.
  • Upcoming features in UberAgent.
  • How Helge broke through and his advice to up and coming professionals.
  • What Technology Excites Helge.

A great podcast and well worth the listen. We’ll catch you again soon.




A chat with Thomas Willingham, Technical Product manager for Remote Desktop Services on what we can expect in Windows Server 2016.

THomasAnd we’re back! In this episode of FrontLine Chatter, we’re joined by a Microsoft veteran Thomas WIllingham who is a Technical Product Manager for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.

Microsoft RDS is a platform for most of what we build today in desktop virtualisation projects and with the Windows Server 2016 release looming, we had the awesome pleasure of catching up with Thomas on what we can expect in Server 2016 and Remote Desktop Services.

In this episode we had the pleasure of talking to Thomas about the following topics:

  • Thomas’s journey from consultant, to trainer, to Microsoft and Ultimately the RDS team.
  • Open GL and Open CL support in 2016
  • Microsoft Multipoint services, what’s the use case?
  • Are Microsoft looking at vGPU style implementations?
  • Will GPU pass from Hyper-V as well as bare metal?
  • Personal Session Desktops, whats going on here?
  • Infrastructure improvements to RDS for better scalability.
  • Should this licensing model change?
  • Could we expect Image management for RDS soon?
  • Microsoft and Unidesk strategy.
  • Windows continuum, where is the play here?
  • Is it a nirvana thin client?
  • Will the new release schedule differences between 10 and 2016 cause a parity gap?
  • Nano server and RDS infrastructure.