2ae707dBack again and a great podcast for you full of energy and enthusiasm! Today we’re joined by the ever excited Tyler “T-Rex” Rohrer to talk all about Liquidware labs and what’s new from their camp.

If you’ve never met Tyler, he’s a character and a half! And on the podcast he’s in top form to tell us where he got started, how he got involved with Liquidware.

  • From Rickshaws, to stock markets and IT!
  • Tyler first discovery of VMware and Virtualisation as a whole.
  • How Liquidware Labs came to be.
  • The broad spectrum of solutions offered by Liquidware for your buck.
  • While the focus of Liquidware was VMware for some time, was moving to multivendor (Citrix) a difficult move?
  • VMware and Liquidware shifting from alliance to competitors.
  • Liquidware Labs and Citrix Summit.
  • Whats new in ProfileUnity and FlexApp?
  • Micro-Isolation and “Worst Case IT”.
  • Process / Application Administrator Elevation.
  • Logon process breakdown and API in Stratusphere.
  • How does the partnership between Liquidware Labs and Nutanix?
  • Where’s this industry going (crystal ball time!).
  • Moving to stateless computing.
  • The unicorn that is cloud computing.
  • Working on planes.
  • Rally cars, Ocean power & quantum entanglement.

Another great podcast bursting with energy! Catch you guys very soon with some more Citrix goodness.